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About Us

Established in 2012, we’ve been helping women and men experiencing hair loss and thinning hair feel good about their look again for years! Run by owners, Gabriela & Flavio Jamur, Vida Aesthetic & Hair Restoration is a diverse aesthetic clinic and hair restoration that specializes in non-surgical hair replacement and extensions as well as precision hair cutting and coloring.

Then GJ Capelli started in Bonita Springs, FL. We’ve made a commitment to be the best hair replacement clinic in Southwest, Florida when we joined the Transitions International Group. The Transitions International Group is an elite group of Hair Restoration Specialists, with an award-winning international membership of the world’s finest independently owned hair replacement and hair restoration centers

Membership to this group is not granted to everyone and being a part of this organization allows Vida Aesthetic & Hair Restoration to stay up to date on the latest hair restoration solutions on the market. It also allows us access to hair loss solutions that many other hair replacement studios do not have.

We’ve expanded our services into aesthetics late 2019 as part of our commitment to our holistic approach with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment and FDA approved minimally-invasive procedures such as injectables Botulin toxins type A, and dermal fillers.


Flavio Jamur


Flavio graduated with honors from Chamberlain University. He completed his family practitioner fellowship with rotations at local hospitals and private practices in Lee County in 2018 and became Board Certified in the beautiful Southwest Florida.

His medical background includes ten years of acute cardiac critical care, management of critical care patients, and is an active hospitalist at all four hospitals in Lee County. He is also an Associate of the American College of Cardiology (AACC).

His passion about health is a holistic approach belief; he believes that mind, body & spirit also involves your look at its best. With the development of new minimally-invasive procedures for cosmetic medical applications, Flavio incorporated these modalities into his practice that placed an emphasis on health education, preventive medicine, and well-being.

He specializes in medical aesthetics and provides treatments that include but not limited to medical laser treatment using Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), Laser Hair Therapy uses laser diodes to deliver cool laser energy to your scalp’s tissues promoting hair growth and prevention of hair loss, injectables such as Botulin toxins type A, dermal fillers, and applications of deoxycholic acid indicated for the improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe convexity or fullness associated with submental fat (known as double-chin) in adults.

He is actively involved in the consultations and hands-on treatment of his patients. He is committed to consumer advocacy, safety, education, and strives to promote professionalism and integrity.


Gabriela Jamur

Licensed Cosmetologist

Gabriela graduated from Sun State Academy in Fort Myers Florida in 2005, she has vast experience in hair restoration and for 7 years she has served as educator for other clinics, opening her own business in 2012 and going strong since then.

Her passion is to provide the most cutting-edge hair loss solutions and hair extensions on the market for each and every one of her clients through continuing education.

She cares about her clients and want to make sure that they love the way they look every single day. Gabriela understand how personal hair loss can be and because of that she takes great pride in offering private, confidential consultations to anyone experiencing hair loss or thinning hair that needs her help.

Once you become one of her clients, you will be provided personalized service that helps you feel good about the appearance you see in the mirror each day.

She is very involved in all aspects of her business from consultation to providing services, this gives her clients comfort and confidence in the way they see themselves.

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